Monday, June 27, 2011

D'lish Cupcakery

Last week I posted a review of OMG Baked Goodness with my friend Cailin from A White Picket Fence.  We had some communication issues because I posted on just one cupcakery from our cupcake crawl and she posted both. So, time for my second post from our cupcake crawl.

D'lish Cupcakes is located in the trendy neighbourhood of Queen St. W. right around Niagara St.  I must say the cupcakes that I tried were delicious (or d'lish) but the one major thing that bothered me was that the store looked exactly like Sprinkles. Their decore, menu, presentation and packaging were very similar.  On to the taste...

My Review

1) Belgian chocolate - the cupcake was a good, moist chocolate cupcake with (a too runny) marshmallow filling the chocolate ganache was quite good.

2) Red Velvet - AWESOME!!! It has a very dense and smooth texture (as  I said in my last post I have a texture issue), they added some spice which was really nice.

3) Carrot - there was way too much butter in the icing and the cupcake was more like a muffin.

One good thing is that they only use 100% butter in their icings and cupcakes, no shortening here!

Overall, I'd go back.  Their cupcakes are really good, you can tell the baker has taken a long time to perfect the recipes.


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