Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gluten Free Muffins

So this past week I have made a couple of recipes. I tried out some cranberry walnut muffins and some corn bread muffins. The conclusion I have come to is that you either have to freeze or eat the muffins right away. Due to the amount of flour in them, they go dry really quickly.

I've decided not to post the recipes for them because I feel that they are not worth sharing. This week I ordered four new gluten free baking books and I can't wait to try some recipes from them, especially that Valentine's Day is approaching. I will need to find a great recipe to make my loved one.

I'm sure to find a good one in one of the two Babycakes books I ordered, I'm super excited for these ones.

And an Artisanal Cupcake book from Kelli & Peter Bronski

I can't wait to blog more about my gluten free adventures.


  1. I can't wait to get these books, and head to my fave long island gluten free stores for ingredients. I can't pick which recipe book to get.

  2. I think I'll get the babycakes Classics. You can't beat a recipe collection of healthy desserts! Thank you for the heads up.

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  3. Making muffins gluten free is a brilliant idea. Eliminating gluten from the diet can be of great benefit to those wishing to lose weight. It is also possible to increase your energy levels, lower bad cholesterol levels and even assist the body`s digestive processes. You don't have to worry about your cholesterol level when eating these cupcakes. I have shared your post by the way to a Nutrition Forum online. Everyone needs to know about these awesome muffins.