Friday, August 19, 2011

Ice Cream Macarons

Yes I said ice cream macarons. These things are AMAZING!!! I had these wonderful things from a place in Montreal called Dr. Frost which unfortunately their website says nothing about. The shop was set up like a lab, where you could experiment with all different types of flavour combinations.

They had about six flavours, all of the macarons shells were the same flavour just different colours, it was the ice cream that was different (which I found out when I went back for a second one). The first one I had was black cherry, which is one of my favourite ice creams and the second was chocolate mint. I'm definitely going to make these when I get back to Toronto. The are sooo good!

Black Cherry Ice Cream Macaron

The shop

Menu board

Chocolate Mint Ice Cream Macaron


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  1. O M G! What an awesome combination. Why don't we have this in Toronto? If you need a taste tester, I volunteer myself.