Friday, August 26, 2011

Montreal Eats

Here are some of the places where we stopped to eat on our trip to Montreal. I must say most of it was delicious but not everything.

On our first day we started off at the acclaimed Schwartz's Deli on Saint-Laurent boulevard, we waited in the pouring rain for about thirty minutes but it was totally worth it. We each got a sandwich and shared fries, coleslaw and a pickle. Of course we could pass up Schwartz's signature black cherry cola which funnily enough is produced right around the corner from my house and I've never seen it for sale anywhere.
Montreal Smoked Meat

Our second stop was at Burritoville, beside Concordia University in the English speaking part of Montreal. Our friend Steve owns this hip vegetarian/vegan restaurant. You can choose between tacos, quesadillas, or burritos with really different fillings than your traditional meat and lettuce. The sides are amazing, they make three different types of tortilla chips, homemade salsas, sprout salad, quinoa and three types of homemade ice teas and lemonades. 

3 Bean Chili Burrito & Sprout Salad

Our second day we took the trip up to the Mt. Royal plateau area and had some wonderful poutine from one of the best places to get poutine in Montreal, La Banquise. Their poutine is cheap but excellent. We got the traditional poutine with a side of hot peppers, they have so many alternative types of poutine but I just can't get past the traditional cheese curds and gravy. And these cheese curds were to die for!

Traditional Poutine

We also stopped by Fairmount Bagels, to get some bagels for our trip home and of course we couldn't pass up a fresh one right out of the oven to snack on with some excellent whipped cream cheese. Our dinner that night was nothing to talk about so I'll move on to our french macaron experiences. Altogether I bought macarons from three different shops in Montreal.

The first we stopped at was La Maison du Macaron, while the shop is lovely and they have a great selection of flavours I found the flavours weren't strong enough especially the shells. Some of the fillings had flavour but it found them generally bland. Also they didn't stay fresh, drying out only after a day.

Matcha, Peaches, Caramel & Mocha
Peaches and Cream macaron

The second place we stopped at was Point G, their macarons were amazing. They came in a super cute package, which also kept them really fresh. They had some great flavours including poppy, cassis, lavender  and lime/basil (which was really tangy). I though I had taken pictures but I ate them all sorry :( 

My final macaron experience was at Dr. Frost (which I have already posted about here), these were probably my favourite, the shells had tons of flavour and I loved the ice cream in the middle...yumm ice cream!

And finally a video of some of the places we visited while we were in Montreal made by mkphotographics. It includes the Biodome, the Olympic Stadium (tower), Mont Royal and our train ride on VIA rail.

In Montreal from Marc Koecher on Vimeo.


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  1. I've been to the Biodome; isn't it amazing?!

    As a poutine eating professional, I approve of that poutine and wish to have 2 in front of me right now.