Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bubble Gum Rainbow Cupcakes

Every month at Pride Toronto we have a coordinators meeting so everyone can find out what all the other committees are up to.  Usually another member brings baked goodies but this month I got to bring some cupcakes.  I wanted them to be special so I thought I'd use my edible ink printer to make custom Pride Toronto logo cupcakes. Issue 1) the printer heads were clogged, issue 2) I ran out of my edible ink trying to clear the print heads.  Therefore, I when I finally got around to printing the logo on the frosting sheets only a faint outline appeared.  Off to the baking supply store I went to buy food colour markers.  YEY!


Here are some pictures of how the cupcakes turned out I made vanilla cupcakes and instead of using milk or water, I used Jones Bubble Gum soda and added sprinkles to my batter to make - Bubblegum Rainbow cupcakes.  I think everyone really enjoyed the cupcakes, even some people tweeted about it.

This is what happens when you use soda pop

Cutting tops off to make it easier to frost a flat top

Frosting Sheet


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