Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cadbury Cream Egg Snack Cakes

Box of 6 snack cakes

OMG!! Look at what I found today at the grocery store.  My favourite chocolate has been turned into a snack cake.  These little cakes are actually quite good, specially at $2.50 for six cakes.  They are nice and moist the only thing is that the cream isn't exactly like it is in the chocolate egg, it's a too thin.  I think I enjoy making chocolate cupcakes and putting mini cream eggs into them more.

I just had to share my find, I was so excited in the store and influenced two other people to buy them as well.  Plus there was a 50 cent coupon!  Who could resist?!

Inside the cake



  1. ummm YUM!!! im all over this!!!! thanks for telling me!

  2. OMG Where did you find this? The internet is providing me with barely any help--I MUST GET MY HANDS ON ONE OF THESE!

  3. Hey I they are available at any grocery store in the GTA, where are you from?

  4. I've seen those in store. I'd try them, but I was burned by those "Mr Big" snack cakes, which ended up tasting nothing like the actual chocolate bar.