Saturday, November 13, 2010

Goodies Gourmet Soaps

The reason I have not blogged in so long is because I have been busy with my new business venture.  By no means does it mean I will stop baking, but a lot of my time has been occupied with designing my new website, coming up with ideas, making my product, etc.
So I guess it’s time to reveal my new venture...GOODIES GOURMET SOAPS.  Yes a soap company, I know that you are thinking, soap???  Well it’s not really that far from baking.  All of my soaps are in the shape of baked goods and sweets (cupcakes, ice cream, popsicles, donuts, etc.) and all smell absolutely amazing.  Some scents I am working with presently are: strawberry shortcake, birthday cake, baked alaska, cherries jubilee, creamsicle, bubble gum and for the fall, pumpkin pie.  
My new website isn’t fully functioning yet but I plan it to be by the end of the month.  For now I have twitter and facebook.  I just finished my first craft bazaar and have two coming up in November and December, just in time for Christmas.  Mid November I will have my full Christmas line complete.
Here are some photos for my product so far.  Please add Goodies to twitter and like on Facebook.
Thanks for your support!

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