Saturday, November 13, 2010

Time Lapse Video - Making Ice Cream

I’m hosting a retirement party for my parents in October and the theme is going to be Oktoberfest.  My boyfriend’s (german) parents are catering the party and of course, it’s my job to make the desserts.  I have decided to go with apple strudel and black forest cupcakes.  To go with that I have decided to make two ice cream flavours.  I wanted to test drive my recipe for Vanilla Bean, Sour Cherry and Kirsch ice cream.  There is no actual recipe for this ice cream so I needed to try it out.  
The ice cream turned out great, next time a little less kirsch and it will be perfect.  My boyfriend wanted to try some camera stuff out so here is a little time-lapse video of me making the ice cream.  Check out and his other stuff at mk:photographics.  Enjoy!

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